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ATV on a black sandy beach
ATV on a black sandy beach

Why Iceland?

Iceland is an awe-inspiring destination where we can enjoy the wonders of nature, and gourmet cuisine made from the freshest ingredients Iceland has to offer, combined with modern hotels and venues. 


Situated in the heart of the Atlantic, Iceland is an ideal destination for adventurers. It’s closer than you might think, with just a 3-5 hour flight from mainland Europe and a 5-7 hour journey from North America.


The MICE experience in the land of ice and fire is unique, we can offer glaciers and a gala dinner in a stunning venue on the same day. Viking feast after a thrilling day on ATVs on the black sandy beach or a relaxing soak in the geothermal hot water after a leisurely day in the capital of the north exploring food, history, and culture.


Iceland incentive adventure can be tailor-made to each group, and for big groups, we can still personalize experiences and moments to make sure that each incentive guest gets a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  


Reykjavík the capital city is a premier location for any MICE events, it is small and easy to get to know in an afternoon, but at the same time, its infrastructure is modern, young, and stylish. The small city center is safe, clean, and packed with restaurants, shopping, culture, and vibrant nightlife. Iceland’s magical nature makes the destination a perfect backdrop for international meetings and world-class events.